Salty Mountain Boys


Founded in 2011 this five piece band has a Country,
Blues and Rock´n´Roll soul.
first album "Cowboy Radio" was recorded at
SMB-Studios in Giesen (Germany)
and released in May 2013.
After three years performing live in clubs and on
festivals all over Germany the second album
"Gasoline" was released in May 2016.
Fourteen songs written by the band bring the listener a
varied musical listening pleasure.

The ideas for the songs were shaped by the influences of
the musicians from various
musical styles. Soul, Rock, Blues, Country,
Rock ´n Roll, all these is reflected
in the media again.

The third album "Blue Days Dark Nights" was released in
October 2018. Spending two weeks in Nordborg Købingsmark
the band came to Denmark with a few fragments for new songs.
Finally 12 songs arose in a very relaxed

atmosphere without the daily bustle. This album varies between
very personally emotional ballads, crazy stuff, vintage country sounds,
and real rock and country-rock songs.

SMB are:

Armin Balkenholl:

Stephan Quast:
E- and Acoustic Guitars/Vocals/Keys/Percussion/Organ

Frank "Pepe" Peters :


Stephan "Stevie" Gehlhaar:
Guitars/ Slide- and Steelguitars / Guitalele

Ingo "Kidd" Meissner:

Stephan Quast

Ingo "Kidd" Meissner

Armin Balkenholl

Stephan "Stevie" Gehlhaar

Frank "Pepe" Peters